After Graduating from Flight School in India

first officer aDid you recently graduate from flight school in India? What did you feel after passing final exam and getting good grades? Of course, you will be very happy, right? Well, after graduating, what are your plans? If you are confused, consider doing the following tips:

Apply for jobs at airlines

Yup, after having fun and celebrating your graduation, it is time to think about your future. Where do you go or where do you want to work? The right answer is going and working at airlines. For this, apply for jobs at airlines as soon as possible. Remember not to apply at two or three airlines, apply for many airlines in your country. If you want to work abroad, think about this twice. Why? Foreign pilots usually accept smaller salary than local pilots. Thus, it is better to work in your own country. What if you get difficulty in getting job at top airlines? Never give and consider applying for job at small airlines first. After getting much experience and flight hour, you may move to top airlines. The important point is you have to find job first no matter wherever airline is as long as you can earn money to fulfill your daily needs, it is better than not have job.

Become a good second officer and then first officer

You need to know when being accepted by airline parties, you don’t work as a captain directly. If you know about this, it is good because you know that being a captain needs a long process. Yup, you have to be a second officer and then first officer (co-pilot) first. The important thing to do to increase your position is you have to be a good one. This means that you have to do your best and fulfill the requirement, like having MER, ATPL, Type Rating, and certain flight hours. How much is the salary? When becoming a second officer, you will accept around 15 lakhs per year and after becoming a first officer, your salary is from 23-32 lakhs per year. Make sure after being a co-pilot, you have to work regularly and do your best so you can be promoted to be a captain in a few years.

Realize your dream to be a captain

Undoubtedly, the biggest dream of cadets is becoming a captain. For this, realize your dream by having certain flight hours based on requirements from airline. This is not easy because you have to work hard and smartly and look pilot needs at airline. If airline has many pilots, you might have to wait for few years before realize your dream. However, it is not a big deal because the important thing is you already have a good job as a co-pilot. If you have much experience, you will not get difficulty in becoming a captain someday later.

If you succeed to be a captain, remain doing your best so you can be a senior captain and get around 60 lakhs per year. Good luck. :)

Is Taking Pilot Training in Australia Good Choice?

tanya lagiChoosing pilot school abroad is a good choice. Unfortunately, finding the right destination country is difficult. Some people suggest choosing Australia because this is a multiculturalism country and there are many high quality pilot training programs there. The question is do you want to join flight school there? Is taking pilot training in Australia good choice? If you answer yes, it is good because:

Australia uses CASA standards

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is the authority of aviation rules in Australia. It covers aircraft license and registration, flight crew licenses, maintenance regulation, aircraft manufacturing, air safety, flight operation, and so on. Compared to FAA standards, CASA standards are better and higher so when getting pilot license from CASA, you can work in countries which apply FAA standards without taking endorsement program first. In other hand, if you get pilot license from FAA, you have to convert your license first when taking job at countries with CASA standards. Click here if you want to know more about Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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There are pilot career options there

After graduating from pilot school, you have three options of pilot career in Australia: private pilot, commercial pilot, and military pilot. Private pilot is highly suggested for you who have a private aircraft and like flying while bringing your family or important thing. Commercial pilot is recommended for you if you want to work at airlines. Meanwhile, military pilot is strongly encouraged for you who want to serve your country as a pilot and soldier. What is your pilot career choice? Whatever your choice is, make sure that you think about it in detail and discuss about your choice with your family so you don’t regret at last. The important thing is after taking pilot training program, you can find job and earn money.

Is getting job at Australian airlines easy? Of course, the answer is not because there are many Australian cadets wanting to get jobs at airlines too. This means that you have to remain competing with other cadets till you get job. No need to worry because you can do it as long as you have good flying knowledge and skill.

Pilot’s salary is high

If you want to work as a commercial pilot, it is a good choice, especially in Australia. Why? It is because commercial pilot salary is high reaching 100,000 dollars Australia per year. This salary can be higher if you get allowance, intensive, and bonus. Yup, you might get 150,000 to 200,000 dollars Australia or more. If you live in Australia with frugal lifestyle, of course, you will be able to fulfill all your needs easily. In other hand, if you choose to be a military pilot, your salary is enough high in which based on defense job site, airmen/airwomen can get salary up to 95,000 dollars Australia after five years in Air Force. This salary is enough to fulfill your needs because Australian government gives you guarantees for accommodation and medical bill.

Well, are you keen on taking training program in Australia? If you are, prepare money and yourself as well as possible, find admission schedule at pilot school that you choose, and then go to Australia soon.

Factors that Influence Education Duration at Flight School

Pilot schools said to be the school of choice. How not, a cadet can continue the education there are those who have special skills in terms of both academic ability and from a financial standpoint. The main priority of the cadet pilot schools are majoring in science, because the cost of the cadet world more face material using the formula, both physics and mathematics. So is the ability to speak English, which the cadet must be superior in this case because all the material to practice to get used to using English conversation. Similarly, the financial problems, when passed the selection phase of the cadet must immediately pay the payment can even reach hundreds of million rupiah Indonesia to be able to follow education.Pilot Training School

Speaking of the pilot schools, in general, the duration of education pursued relatively shorter than the course in general. Nevertheless, not all the pilot schools have the same duration of education, there are only range up to 1 year but there are up to 2 years. The duration of education is only about 1 year is certainly more advantageous because it can save the cost of education and that certainly has a great chance to get a job quickly. There are several factors that cause the difference between the duration of this education, especially for long duration flight school.

Availability of facilities that are less supportive

So that the knowledge gained can be understood, of course not enough just to rely on theory but also must be based on practice. Similarly, in the aviation world, the knowledge gained by the cadets as a whole is done with practice or directly into the field. In this case, the cadets will practice flying the plane calculated in the number of flying hours. After conducting flight training, then the cadet can obtain a license according to flight hours has been obtained, such as PPL (Private Pilot Licence) with a minimum requirement of 40 hours of flying, CPL(Commercial Pilot Licence) about 140 to 250 hours of flying, IR(Instrument Rating) and MER (Multi-Engine Rating) on the condition that has gained more than CPL flight hours in accordance with policy or state regulations.

Keep in mind that, to be accepted to work in the airline at least the cadet must hold a CPL license as proof that it was ready to fly commercial aircraft and carrying a number of passengers. However, the availability of facilities such as aircraft and airport train makes the cadet had to wait for the time in which the absence of a commercial aircraft flight schedule. Meanwhile, the time allotted for the exercise also included preparing all the equipment and turned on the plane so that the flying hours could be obtained more minimal. This is one of the problem why the cadet can be long completed his education, was none other than the availability of the facility is less support.

Systems that are less well studied

Which also could be a problem of the cadet in completing their education system is less well studied. For example, a discipline that is still not good enough so that the knowledge gained the cadet is not maximized. Remember, the cadet must master the science of flying well in order to compete with the other cadet when it plunged into the world of work. However, because the discipline is still lacking and the value is still minimal make the cadet slight gain material, so as to obtain the material and understand it correctly the cadet must continue to undergo education could even take longer.

The number of teachers is minimal

Minimum number of teaching staff also includes one of the obstacles to long duration of education. Why? Not because the school can not afford the services of instructors like in general, but the salary to work in the airline than teaching school relative cost versus far that makes pilots more interested in working in the airline. In fact, an experienced pilot who served as a captain could possibly reach a salary of up to 70 million Indonesian rupiah per month and additional wages beyond the others(according to the policies of each airline). While the instructor is only half the salary, approximately 15 to 30 million Indonesian rupiah. That is why the number of instructors is sometimes a little more and it can be bad for cadet pilots being unable to gain wider knowledge that actually cause them to be studied in a shorter period of time.

After learning some of the things that cause the long duration of the pilot school education, would have to be observant and careful when you want to go to school, one of them in order to complete his education in such a fast time to obtain substantial employment opportunities.

Correct Procedures of Forced Landing

forced landingAre you a candidate of pilot? Do you want to a professional pilot in local or foreign airline? Staying updated to the latest aviation news and improving your knowledge/skill are important for your career to succeed. Indeed, you need to keep learning more and more to get flight hours and pass the test. Focus on materials given by your instructors during the learning process. Then, read the modules or additional books needed to make you more knowledgeable. When you get confused of something, it’s better for you to ask your instructors. Keep in mind that the aviation word is full of challenges and danger. When you wonder something, guessing is not the best answer because it likely causes problems.

In this opportunity, we would like to discuss the correct procedures of forced landing. As we all know that it is one of the danger sign and also commonly happens in today’s flight. Four main procedures are:

Control the plane

The pilot ought to control the plane well in spite of planning to take an emergency landing. The purpose is no other than to keep everything safe including the plane and the passengers. Maintaining the speed is very important to stay balanced. Pilot should not immediately decrease the speed because it can be dangerous. There is surely particular reason why pilot decides to take forced landing. Perhaps, it is about the weather, flight route, or other problems. Panic is absolutely not for pilots because it can disturb their concentration.

Communicate with staff

Next, pilot needs to communicate with the staff and inform about the forced landing. All staff ought to know in order to do the best preparation as early as possible to support the success of landing. In this case, stewards or stewardesses are not the only ones to know. The copilots also need to inform the air traffic controller. It is called as cockpit management.

Communication is really crucial. Steward and stewardess will inform and warn the passengers as well as guide them to prepare themselves to deal with the emergency landing. Without good communication among all those who are responsible, the forced landing might cause trouble or endanger all.

Determine the landing spot

Next, pilot will determine the landing spot. It cannot be done randomly since that must depend on the wind direction and condition for sure. The area can be the ground or surface of water. When deciding the landing spot, factors to consider are the safety and accessibility. Pilots will get informed by ATC. Beside, it’s crucial to pay attention to the environment whether there are homes or not around.

Land safely

Next, the pilot starts to land safely based on the landing spot that has been determined beforehand. When landing, the pilot keeps maintaining the speed as well as All of the procedures for emergency or forced landing is not done steps by steps because pilot and all staf have to take quick actions for this. For instance, they inform each other as well as determine the landing spot. Hopefully the above information is useful for you.

The Important of Choosing Pilot School

memilih sekolah pilotChoosing a pilot school is the first step to realize the desire to become a pilot. However, the pilot schools can also make your ideals are not quick to materialize. This can happen because you are quite right in choosing pilot schools. Less precise selecting pilot schools, not only do you feel sad but also parents. Therefore, selecting the pilot schools is an important thing to be considered. You can search for information from various sources to know more clearly about the pilot school of your choice. Open internet, come directly, or search for acquaintances of people who ever sat in the pilot schools (alumni). As someone who really wants intends to achieve goals to become a pilot, of course, will select a qualified pilot schools so as not to regret later. Did you know the importance of choosing a pilot school? If you do not know for sure and want to know, here is the importance of choosing a pilot school.

To speed up graduation

Surely you’ve heard about the pilot schools. Pilot school is one school which provides opportunities for students to quickly pass. This statement is true because there are schools that provide the duration of the pilot students who could pass approximately 1 year. AAAA (All Asia Aviation Academy) and International Aviation Academic Inc. is one example. If you do not choose a pilot school and did not look at the background of the school. For example, a pilot school you choose not to have complete facilities, it can cause you to pass more than a predetermined time. To that end, the importance for you to choose a pilot school. You choose a school, of course you will find a school pilot who has full facilities. By choosing a school with complete facilities to accelerate the graduation course.

To avoid losses

Do not see the reputation of the school and did not look at how long the school establishment can make you lose. Schools that already have a bad reputation in the eyes of the public, then the school could be labeled as a school that is not good. For example, existing facilities unfit for use, but is still used, of course, could endanger the students to practice. If it happens, of course, you will lose money; it could be lives will be lost. Additionally, do not notice how long standing school, it also can make you lose when the school could not walk properly alias folded. If this happens, of course, make you lose, be it loss of time and money. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the school before enrolling is to avoid losses that may occur. So, choose a pilot school that has a good reputation and long-standing.

To gain a broader knowledge

The importance of choosing a school for the last pilot is to gain a broader knowledge. Pilot school for admission, prospective students must have the ability. When they want to go to school where only prospective students must follow a strict test. You go to school with a good pilot, certainly make you a broader knowledge because you not only get a mere theory, but also practice to fly the plane and know for certain uses of the machines on board. If you are choosing the right school, could you just get a lot of theory in practice? Well, to be a pilot, of course, you must have the courage and extensive knowledge.

That is the reason why important for you to choose a pilot school before deciding to enroll.

Why Chooses Public Flight Schools?

In general, flight school is divided into two types: public and private. Public flight schools are managed, handled and funded by government while private flight schools are owned by certain parties, companies, or airlines. At this moment, most people prefer to choose public flight schools than to join private flying schools. Why does this happen? Find the answer below:


Tuition fee is cheap

Because being owned by government, public pilot school parties offer reasonable tuition fee for all cadet candidates. How much is tuition fee? It depends on school parties. This makes people come from middle class can join public pilot schools. Unfortunately, to join these schools, people have to work hard and struggle optimally because when these schools are opened, there are thousands of people who register there. Besides, school parties become more selective to accept cadets. From thousands of registered people, the parties might just take less than 150 cadets.

Besides, some public pilot schools offer scholarship and installments programs that make students’ parents feel helped because they don’t need to bother themselves or apply for loans.

Facilities are complete and adequate

Public flying schools are better than private flying schools because those are equipped complete and adequate facilities, like aircrafts, dormitory, simulators, sport facilities, and so on. For instance, at private pilot schools, available aircrafts might be less than 10 units but at public flight schools, there are teens of aircrafts that can be used. That is why most students who join private pilot school cannot graduate on time because they often queque to fly aircraft. Besides, their abilities are not good compared to students from public flying schools. Nevertheless, this does not mean that private pilot schools cannot produce high quality pilots. As real proof, at this moment, many pilots who working at airlines come from private pilot schools.

Opportunity to get job is bigger

Public flight schools usually cooperate with certain public and private airlines. This makes students from these schools have bigger opportunity to get job. Nevertheless, this does not mean that when students graduate from these schools, they get job directly. Yap, they still have to follow some tests and if they don’t fulfill criteria, they will be eliminated. In this case, bigger opportunity that students get is about easiness in finding airlines and applying for job there.

flying school

In addition, all public pilot school’s instructors are licensed and experienced. They are expert coming from marines and air forces. They are dedicated so all students will get high quality lessons and trainings to fly aircraft correctly. Furthermore, they never cheat on students by asking for additional costs or do bad things so students don’t graduate on time. They do this so students continue spending much money.

How about quality of instructors at private flight schools? Most of them are qualified because they usually take job at public pilot schools first. Yup, they are experienced and dedicated. Unfortunately, they cannot teach well if facilities are not complete and adequate.

Anyway, are you interested in joining public pilot school?